Problems with the rubber line
This tube mill had been rubber lined previously, but the customer was experiencing problems due to two factors:

  • The joins between sheets of rubber were poor quality, with individual sheets not correctly aligned.
  • There were defects in the shaping of the rubber around bends.

These issues were causing the joints between rubber sheets to wear out quickly. This lead to the exposure of the metal surface of the tube itself to both the metal balls used for grinding, and the material to be ground.

Our Solution

The process we use for rubber lining is meticulous. It involves many stages of preparation and priming before the rubber sheets can be secured in place. Our technicians are highly trained and understand the need for care at each stage if a satisfactory final outcome is to be achieved.

For this application we specified 6mm wear resistant Dunlop Arkeen rubber sheeting, secured using Dunlop Enerkol glue.

The Result
After a few months of operation no leaks at all had been reported, resulting in significant savings in repair, maintenance and cleaning, with no plant shutdowns.

This customer has now commissioned Dunlop Service to line all new mills with the Arkeen rubber range.