Sometimes managing a mine can seem to be only about managing one set of problems after another.

At Dunlop Service Africa we don’t claim to be able to solve all your problems, but we can offer a comprehensive solution to any that relate to your conveyors.

Available 24/7
We offer contracted or ad hoc maintenance and repair of conveyors, plus belt installation and splicing. Our Africa Service Centre in Obuasi, Ghana, is well-stocked, well-staffed and available 24/7 to respond to your requirements, whether scheduled or not.

Stock Holding
We hold stock of all the most commonly used conveyor components, including idlers, scrapers, skirts, wear resistant sheeting, rubber for pulley lagging, mechanical fasteners, and repair and splicing materials. So when customers need repair or replacement fast, we have the materials already on hand.
Highly Skilled Staff
The level of skill and expertise available from Dunlop Service Africa is unrivalled in the industry. Our team is highly trained not only in the practical elements of providing conveyor repair and maintenance, but also in ensuring a very high level of customer service. Our team is accessible, flexible, friendly and efficient – quite a combination!
Safety First
All our operations, whether on our site or our customers’, are carried out to the highest safety standards and are compliant with all statutory certifications applicable in the countries in which we operate.