Prevent breakdowns
A conveyor breakdown is always a business-critical issue. Its timing cannot be predicted, and neither can its costs, which not only include the cost of repair, but also an unknown period of lost production.

The vast majority of breakdowns due to belt failure can be prevented by a combination of using the correct specification of quality conveyor belting, and a program of routine maintenance.

Maintenance packages
At Dunlop Service Africa we offer maintenance packages to our customers that include scheduled inspections and preventive measures to ensure that conveyors keep running. Our African Service Centre holds stocks of the most commonly used conveyor components and is staffed by highly skilled service engineers trained to the highest level.

Under the umbrella of a service contract, our service engineers will undertake preventative maintenance designed to prevent breakdowns, and therefore unscheduled downtime. Maintenance work will take place at a time to suit the customer, when downtime can be scheduled and controlled and will therefore have the minimum impact on production.